Worth Fighting For

Have you ever had someone fight for you?  A friend who fended off a bully, even if it meant taking punches that were meant for you?  A big sister or big brother who, in most cases seemed like they couldn’t care less for you, all of a sudden became protective of you?  An adult who intervened at just the […]

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The Weight of Depression and Suicide

[This appeared first at LifeChurchNC.com] September 2, 2016 Last Sunday, we concluded a 4-part series through the book of Jonah by exploring the dark and lonely feelings associated with depression and thoughts of suicide.  Chapter 4 of Jonah concludes with Jonah reaching a point where he wanted his life to end, pleading with God to […]

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a healing community

What fears are gripping your heart today? Have you ever found yourself ‘running to the hills’ (so to speak), or even pulling away into isolation out of a fear of hurt or rejection from people? Think for a moment about the fears that were gripping the heart of Jesus prior to His suffering on the […]

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“I am convinced that all of us are searching for a place called home, a place where we can close our eyes and sleep, a place where there is warmth and we are somehow unafraid, a place where we gather around the fire and the room is filled with laughter and love…Home is ultimately not […]

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