The Weight of Depression and Suicide

[This appeared first at LifeChurchNC.com] September 2, 2016 Last Sunday, we concluded a 4-part series through the book of Jonah by exploring the dark and lonely feelings associated with depression and thoughts of suicide.  Chapter 4 of Jonah concludes with Jonah reaching a point where he wanted his life to end, pleading with God to […]

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“I am convinced that all of us are searching for a place called home, a place where we can close our eyes and sleep, a place where there is warmth and we are somehow unafraid, a place where we gather around the fire and the room is filled with laughter and love…Home is ultimately not […]

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craving intimacy

Have you ever had an unexplainable loneliness even while standing in the middle of a crowd? I heard a friend say several times recently that he doesn’t need anymore acquaintances in his life, that there is no more room for such relationships. He desires friendships that go much deeper than that, friendships that are authentic, […]

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